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Lou Connelly (Terri's group) Activity 2a- Representations:

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Lou Connelly
29 March 2014

Review of two design models:



Readability: Very accessible. I found this easy to read and understand:

Expressiveness: I think it expressed itself well in the chosen representation and in the language used to describe the details of Task, Team , Technology and Time.

Utility: A very useful structure as it demonstrates flexibility in its design.




Readability: I did find this a more difficult read than the 4T model and had to reread it because I did not understand it.

Expressiveness: I liked the template design however I found the details over complicated but this could be due to the fact that I do not know about and have never used LdShake.

Utility: I found this raised my awareness about the involvement of participants in relation to technicians- I never really considered them in my planning.


Why did I choose these two models to review? Both models are devised for collaborative learning contexts and are based on the idea of identifying aspects the designer should focus on to make decisions. I prefer the 4T model in relation to my design . I like the structure and its fairly straightforward- clear stages about what you plan. I like the Time component. I could work with this model but I think I could with the 4SPPIces if I learned more about LdShake.


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