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Review of 4SPPIces and E-design template

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Pat Townshend
29 March 2014

I chose 4SPPIces as a representation.  The healthy eating example is laid down in a diagram that is very accessible. The project aspires to create a common language that promotes collaboration between teachers and technicians. I’m in favour of a common language in principle, but this can also be a barrier to others so this has dangers and may militate against this idea. I was struck by the description of dataflow, not show in the paper. I think that the capacity to describe the learning ‘conversation’ of ‘incomes’ and ‘outcomes’ is useful. The model provides a structure to think about four significant aspects of learning design.

I also chose e-design template. I didn’t find the graphic representation very helpful, so I split it up in table form, in order to understand it fully. I was able to see the progression across the stages more clearly and the gradual emergence of the autonomous learner. It also reminded me of the four stages of competence and Blooms Taxonomy's_taxonomy .  It has a comforting familiarity.

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