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Mala H800 - Lecture in Ecommerce

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mala rajput
30 March 2014

Title Business skills for E-commerce






  1. Where – in class room environment 2 hour session + out of class activities – learners were required to post findings on Google Docs/Dropbox.
  2. When - week 18 of the HND programme learners preparing for an assessment.
  3. Space – In class, lecture.
  4. Who were the key actors:
  • 12 learners all 18 + an international cohort – a very well bonded group, and supportive of each other. They work well as a team.
  • Lecturer (me) – teacher student relationship, well established rapport.
  1. Beliefs and desires– As their tutor I have always instilled that competition is healthy, coming second and not  an option and winning means everything. Hence developed them into a well bonded competitive group who work hard with very few referrals or complaints from the other teaching teams.

Therefore group / pair work suis this group and informal assessments/ competitions  in class drives them. From the activity below I intended to prepare them for an assessment and ensure that they are able to complete the assignment/task and get it right on the first submission.



Prepare the learners for an assignment – controlled assessment on Ecommerce. The measure  - completion of assignment.

Personal task – learners to submit work on time and reduce referrals on the assignment expecting 80% returns on the success of the completing and passing the task.



The learners were supposed to:

*        Identify the Stakeholders of a named organisation (recap activity)

*        Examine the impact of e-commerce on the stakeholders  of your organisation – (using new industry examples not considered yet)

*        Be able to outline the key tasks to be carried out, format of evidence to be presented for the assignment and deadlines of assignment 2. (assignment 2- briefing

*        Brainstorm and produce an outline plan for the assignment




Recap exercise- group work- 20 mins

*        In groups of 4 max – grouping will be given to you

*        Discuss the impact of e-commerce on the 4 industries given to your group

*        For each example- identify who the stakeholders are

*        For each stakeholder- identify what is the impact of e-commerce on the stakeholders
(note so far we have looked at impact on individuals and on the organisation- this question goes beyond these 2 stakeholders)

*        Task 1- you and a partner must research the impact of e-commerce on a specific organisation and present your findings to your colleagues. The presentation must cover the impact of e-commerce on individuals and on the business. – Completed over the last 2 weeks

*        Task 2- Individual task - Analyse, the impact, including the risks, of introducing an e-commerce system in a named organisation. (not the ones we looked at today)

*        Task 3- Individual task -Discuss the global impact of e-commerce on society. (wider – not just for the organisation in 2)




The above objectives were met by 8 out of 12 students.

There were 2 referrals – meaning 2 learners did not meet the minimum requirements of the task.

And two missed the deadline.

Success: 67% achieved the task – did not meet 80% mark.



The tasks depended on the first assignment – some students hadn’t actually achieved that hence they were unable to move forward with this one. Maybe I was being to pushy- ambitious. I should have paired learners according to what they had achieved to date.

I should have set up the google forum instead to relying on the students so that I could collect all the work centrally and have control over what was being achieved, allowing me to see progress instantly hence I could have intervened and supported the ones who were falling beind.



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