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NOD comments on representations ... 30/03/14

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Niall O'Donnellan
30 March 2014

Comment on Healthy Eating 4 Ts

Readability ... the representation was very clear, both in the text explaining each of the Ts and their application to this case, and also the diagram, which i thought was exceptionally clear (once i used the Zoom feature!). What surprised me was the wider than expected definition of Technology, which seems to cover methods etc as well as "hardware/software".

Utility ... I thought that this approach would be very useful, in laying out a programme that was very clear as to who did what and when .. I was left wondering about the why, in the sense of the traditional learning objective and its achievement was not clear (to me at any event)

Comment on Healthy Eating E-Design

Readability ... the summary diagram i thought was very clear, in showing the four levels and the progression over time .. its application to the case was also clear, in that it used hte four columns to good effect .. the text in the columns spelt out what the teacher and student should do, but at a less granular level than the four Ts i thought

Utility ... I was less convinced as to its ultility, in that the four levels were stimulating and suggested ambition to reach the higher level, yet when the programme was being described the four levels did not add much ... While the four levels did hint at the why of the programme, I was left wondering what was the implication of the four levels, and what limitation was implied by only having, as in this case ,two levels.

1 Are the two representations adequate for my design, in Activitiy 1B?

I think that the 4 Ts would be a useful and structured way of looking at the CFO network, and, whereas the E-Design template would be capable of representating the program, I do not think it would add much additional insight

The four Ts would look like this

Task ........... Team ..........Technology ............. Time ........

Introduction ..... Facilator explains purpose and agenda .....Use of PP slide ... five minutes

Talk ..................Expert speaker outlines principles, issues and examples .... Use of PP slides, Q nA ... 55 minutes

Peer Case .... Company speaker outlines case and isseues .... Use of PP slides and QnA, leading to shared understanding  .... 30 minutes

Application to own business .... Teams at tables discuss own cases, and report back ... Conclusions shared ... 20 minutes    

Conclusion ... Facilitator summarises takeaways .....Show on flipchart, leading to shared insights - 10 minutes

Networking Opportunity ... Discussion amongs peers ..... stand-up lunch .....30 minutes  

2 What would be the benefits?

benefits of 4 Ts ... clarity of tasks, roles, sequence and times, as evidenced by above map of tasks involved

benefits of E-Design ... similar, but with less clarity .. its advantage migjht partly encourging greater self-learning, or at least reminding me that this is a learning goal as well

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