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Andy's Comparison of Healthy Eating Design

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Andy Galloway
30 March 2014

I have chosen the 4 Ts model and the e-Design Template. 

Having skimmed through the other options, I chose these two as I found they follow a linear process, which I prefer.

Readability – The content was easy to read.  The diagrams gave a sense of direction without reading the dialogue, and undoubtedly if you know this subject the diagrams/flowcharts would immediately make sense.  My preference is the 4 Ts, perhaps because it has similarities to project management tools I am familiar with.  However, the scaffolding technique in e-Design is equally simplistic. 

Expressiveness – is captured in the diagrams.  As indicated, any person familiar with the subject matter, and familiar with the concept can easily identify a flow of activity with additional appropriate information, and a linear process in delivery.

Utility – do they communicate important aspects of the design?  They certainly communicate the output of the design, and therefore represent a template, but not necessarily the journey, the design stage to achieve the outputs.

Adequacy for expressing Design - I think both are adequate to express the design.  4 Ts perhaps more so, as it fits my linear process-driven mind-set.  And perhaps that says more about me than about the actual concepts.  I would always choose a flowchart rather than a mind-map.  Both of these concepts appealed to me more than the others.

The benefits of using the Design – the concepts produce outputs that identify a process, the order of the process and the component parts.  Both design results in a lesson plan, though one can be followed  more easily (4Ts) than the other (e-Design)..


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