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Mala H800 week 8&9 representation views

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mala rajput
30 March 2014




Scale 1 to 3

1 easy 3 very complicated



Useability on my design – Ecommerce -


Healthy Eating" as a 4 Ts model

Scale : 2 as it defines 4 key components therefore no diversion there. However  it does require more time to decode all the features.

The image looks like a Morse code, in the first instance, but in further analysis the stages are clear – very much like a graphical lesson plan.

The complications - messy flow of events,  this method does need practice  and time to familiarise ourselves with the layout.  However I feel it meets its objective of the 4 components clearly.

Possibly an option for my design – I have groups, technology (need to add as part of my reflection) and timing for the groups but I can see myself going off track.

Healthy eating as a 4sppices model

Scale: 1 as it is web based and there is that familiarity about it – the features of sharing, tagging and tabs.

One page plan with clear tabs to follow – learners and other deliveries would find it appeasing to follow.

It communicates the following: group works warrant communication and it also has the tools that allow document collaboration.

This is better option – group control and stay on task.



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