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Mike's review

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Mike Protts
31 March 2014

Web Collage


The collage idea works best visually, the layout guiding through a set of activites in a clear way.  Fitting a plan to this form of layout could help with identifying alternative areas, and highlight if a section might be becoming too long.


An interesting representation, but perhaps hard to see how this might adapt to the recursive process I've used for program development, but the iterative model may be sufficient.  The recursive idea is to run to the next goal (a small step), regardless of time, and then step back, reexamine and repeat the activity with any identified corrections, which usually will include reworking prior steps.  


The lack of timings is not an issue in my case, although it would be for others.  The problem I see is difficulty in setting small goals that are revisited, not necessarily in order, to produce an improved result.


e-Design Template


My initial thoughts were that this was easy to start with, and rather flexible.  This flexibility comes at a cost, as there are few constraints in the processing.  As this can be produced with a simple table, the learning curve is very small.


Rather textual presentation is potentially offputting, but avoiding lengthy prose makes this manageable.  The strict breakdown in scope of ideas is not ideal, as many activities can blur across the boundaries, and would generally be more desirable when drifiting to the right.  Again recursion is not a natural fit, but the iterative process can simply refer back to earlier steps.


I can see that I'd be able to modify the timings to become targets, and this would fit in well with the goal based breakdon.  Again there is some lack of ability to use weak ordering, but this can be worked around using cross references


The web collage is initially attactive, with a more visual layout, but the fit with my activity was not very easy to handle.  

I was less confident with the e-Design Template representation to start with, but this seemed to be less constrained, and therefore be more adaptable to the task design.  This may also help with adapting to online areas, where the original course was not working as hoped.

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