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Tracey's representation review

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Tracey Goold
1 April 2014

I have chosen to evaluate the 4Ts model and the 4SPPI model:
Readability -
The 4Ts model - I was drawn to the simple structure of this model - the diagram clearly showing the interconnectedness of each of the four components. Task, Team, Time and Technology
Whereas at first glance the 4SPPI representation seems much more complex and detailed considerations and there is a need to focus very specifically on each factor to gain a deeper understanding -Space, Pedagogical methods, Participants, History
The expressiveness
Both representations are presented as a diagrammatic tool - a visual representation which provides some structure to the thinking of learning design. For the teacher - an aid to consider the important elements of a learning design.    
Their utility - When there is a clear interpretation of what is meant by each factor of the 4SPPI model this does seem to allow the teacher a more detailed evaluation of important elements of a design - the history ( which can often be overlooked) features significantly here - how to store the outcomes of the activities for future learning.

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