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Karen's comparison of Healthy Eating

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karen Ellison
1 April 2014

The e-Design Template

The e-design tool was very easy to following and I found it well structured.  I think for students it gives them a quick and easy glance at the work expected of them and the given timelines.  My favorite of all of the tools presented.  You can easily show the plan of work in a presentation as it would be easy to walk through when explaining the assignment.

I especially like the idea that the tasks involved in the assignment are broken down into small segments.  Especially important are the visuals though for me.

Web Collage

In comparison to the e-Design template, the visuals for the web collage are at first glance overpowering, and look more like a flow chart for a production line that and e-learning tool.  This is something that could be used internally only I can invisage, as any student would find this too complicated to follow.  It is also not easy to see the timelines of the specific parts of the assignment.  This is my least favorite of the two tools I looked at by far.

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