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Susan M.'s representations H800 14B

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Dr Susan Morris
1 April 2014

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Dr Susan Morris
1:10pm 1 April 2014

I will review the two representations of 4Ts and Design Narrative.  

  • their ‘readability’ (i.e. the ease with which you understood the content) and their expressiveness

The 4Ts is straightforward as Task, Teams, Technology and Time.  It is clear how this representation could be used alongside another approach a priori for the planning and implementation stage of a new or revised learning design.

The Design Narrative is written from a personal phenomenological perspective and this is its strengths and also a potential limitation if the author does not immerse fully in the experience of the learning design.  As a representation, I found the content easy to understand. 

  • their utility (i.e. their usefulness in communicating important aspects of the design)

The 4Ts has value in putting technology to the frontstage alongside Task, Time and Teams.  All are subject to constraints but the equal weighting of technology to the Task, I feel brings significant usefulness as a representation for communication between educators and higher level management decision makers.

My view of the Design Narrative is that it is a superb reflection document for the designer-educator and is a tangible product to exchange with others interested in teaching and learning.  I am aware that it will read too personal - and potentially dismissed as anecdotal despite being evidence-based - by those who do not understand fully the approach. 

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