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Chantal's comparison of Healthy Eating Designs

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Chantal Faures
2 April 2014





Cadmos offers a friendly and open presentation of the lesson' conception and flow.  It follows a more traditional design of a tree and a linear structure. 


However, if i had not read the lost of activities before seeing Figure 1, I would have been a bit confused.  The fact that they don't appear on a straight horizontal line is a bit disturbing.  The Metadata for each activity and ressources seem practical, although i think it would be useful to have a way to identity the type of activity or ressources (communicative, theory, informative, etc) on the main graph, without having to enter the Metadata. A color or symbol instead of the standard icons used for activities and ressources could be a solution.


The flow chart is also clear and unchallenging and the duration information displayed on the size stand as a useful reminder of the rythym of the lesson.


The description of the tool mentions the limitation in inserting more than one "objectives" in the metadata but i imagine this could easily be fixed in a new version.


Expressiveness - utility:


Cadmos, with its unpacked schema, has a more direct impact and is activity oriented, which I would find more useful in the event to using this tool to prepare and support a lesson. 




I find the presentation at first glance a bit more enigmatic - the graphics used are not so "transparent".  The vertical pattern concentrates on the flow, while the icons/symbols used seem to focus more of the groups rather than the activities.


The lack of duration data for each lesson/ or part of the lesson is a weak point of this tool. On the other hand, the visibility of assessments makes it interesting although  it crowds the graphs. 



Expressiveness - utility


It doesn't put on the foreground the timings, nor the ressources.   I would find it more useful as archival document than as a planning tool.


Beneficial to my design:


Although i have a preference for Cadmos, in the case of comparing the utility of these two tools with regards to my narrated design, i would say Web collage is more adequate.  We are here in a retrospective scenario where it becomes more interesting to  note the interactions which occured rather than the planned ones.  With Web collage we have a display that allows to describe the type of activities combined with assessments or reflections on the results. This would provide me with a visual understanding of the social and human influence into my lessons.  

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