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Seamus's Lesson Planning Comparison

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James Miley
3 April 2014

Review of 4T’s and EDesign Template


The 4T’s Template I found easy to read probably because it makes sense in following the way I was shown how to put a lesson together for a college observation and the structure and timings are an essential part of this requirement.

The EDesign Template actually was even easier to read it seems to be a particular method that I find I use working in blocks to achieve a final outcome that the learner is able to identify with it when teaching a particular technology that requires the learner to understand or use.


4T’s is about the teaching and possibly less about the learning putting the structure of the lesson in place and using the time aspects to control the lesson.

The EDesign as stated in the template would be a good template for a specific tool or technology and I can relate to that in my teaching in engineering subjects.


4T’s Great for a fully planned lesson and structure of teaching.

Edesign A solid robust approach to a particular learning aim.

In relation to my Design.

In my design of any lesson I prefer to look at the objective and structure around it the 4T’s I believe looks at the structure of the lesson primarily and puts in place lots of activities in an attempt to ensure that the learning takes place my design I think is more in line with the Edesign where I have blocked the learning into particular activities or learning outcomes that lead to a final understanding that the learner is able to recognise and use.

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