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H800 Rob Carter Design Narrative

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robert carter
4 April 2014


Breathing Apparatus Amendments Training




Employed by Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service. My role is as Multimedia Manager and Digital Designer responsible for the creation of online training products and assessments, creation and management of Service Training web portal and Learning Management System (LMS).



Changing of Breathing Apparatus (BA) equipment and subsequent procedures required all service operational staff to be fully competent with new equipment use and procedures. This was risk critical.



Ensure all operational staff are competent with new (BA) equipment and procedures. Taking a blended learning approach, all personnel have to view e-learning package online. All personnel required to attend practical drill yard based training at the service training centre. All personnel required to complete an online assessment with a set pass grade needing to be achieved to prove competence.



E-learning package to be viewed on station via training PCs linked to projector. Practical training is to be undertaken at Training Centre under the guidance of qualified instructors. Online assessment to be undertaken individually, on completion of practical training, at the Training Centre IT suite providing 12 PCs.


  • Liaise with Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service Training Instructors.
  • Identify learning goals.
  • Cross map with the Fire Service National Occupational Standards.
  • Create script and storyboard.
  • Shoot and edit required video content.
  • Shoot and edit required Photographic content.
  • Commission Voice over artist.
  • Create interactive GUI (generic user interface).
  • Author e-learning package, containing all produced media.
  • Review e-learning package.
  • Enter into Quality management system (QMS)
  • Create question bank for assessment based on e-learning package information content.
  • Design and produce online assessment utilising question pools.
  • Enter into Quality management system (QMS)
  • Publish e-learning package to Fireweb training portal. Publish assessment to the Service Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Set dates for practical training and notify watches.








  • All personnel to reach competency in new BA procedures.


  • Some issues regarding IT Suite PCs and allowing access to the service LMS due to individuals not possessing unique service email addresses which are required by the LMS to allow logon and capture of results. These were resolved by the ITC Dept.



This process is now a standard approach to training delivery and has been refined and evolved to fit with technology advances adopted by the service. It is important to review IT resources available within the service infrastructure before embarking on the design process.

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