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Activity 1b. Session narrative

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Thaleia Ashley
7 April 2014

Narrator – My role is as a marketing tutor in HE. I am to facilitate learning and understanding of the promotion mix and use of marketing communication tools

Situation – A higher education establishment within an FE college.  We are using a computer suite with one PC per student. The group of 18 are mature and diverse and are studying for an FdA in leadership and management.  They are a well established group, they have known each other for 6 months but this is their first time in the computer room. This session is important as is relates directly to their next assessment task.

Task – The students are given a template listed with a number of promotion tools available and some other marketing concepts. They have been instructed to view the website of one organisation and describe examples to fit into the template. For example they might look at Next and look for evidence of relationship marketing.  They have been told to work in pairs and discuss what they find in a plenary at the end of the session. The purpose of the task is the help them become more familiar with the promotional tools and examine the strengths and weaknesses of each tool in context. The success will be measured in terms of the population of the template and the quality of the short presentation at the end.


  1. Students put themselves into pairs and log on to PC
  2. Handout template
  3. Students read instructions on sheet (template)
  4. Tutor provides more detailed instruction and advises good orgs to use
  5. Students  find relevant website
  6. Students start at the top of the template with advertising and begin to navigate the website for examples
  7. Students jump from one box (on template) to another when they come across relevant examples to add.
  8. Tutor visits each pair to offer help and assistance and encourage students to evaluate what they discover.


All students fill out the template and present their findings at the end of the session. One group worked in a group of 4 and divided the work into 2. One person worked alone.  All students were engaged and had much anecdotal experience to share. One student wanted to look at game company but found the site blocked.


An interesting task which all students can relate to, many pick org they work for such as Halfords or orgs they use such as Boots.  Some of them started to consider the implications of the tools used and the impact of them on sales or customer perception of the org. Not all of them noticed the blending of the tools and how they over lap. The limitation of the template is that students try to make all examples fit into a box.  Some students started to understand the use of loyalty cards and relationship marketing.  It’s a practical and interactive task. I should have got all the groups evenly matched to create a level playing field and ensuring all students have the some amount of work to complete.


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