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Review of e-design Template and Design Narrative

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emily Cleary
7 April 2014


e-design template

Readability and expressiveness:

Easy to read with clarity of content throughout. Very detailed information about the concepts behind this model. Clear step-by-step account of how it related to the design of the Healthy Eating activity.



Very useful with its 4 phases of scaffolding to support the development of learners into self-organised learners, It is a template that can be easily utilised across a range of activities. I like the use of the different approach types (self/peer/tutor - assessement) 

Design Narrative

Readability and Expressiveness:

Not enough information, too broad, not enough specific reference to the Healthy Eating avtivities, would be more user -friendly with a table listing timed activities, perhaps.


The notion that the Design Narrative is a reflection on the whole is very pertinent to the day-to-day realities of  learner/instructor situation.It is however, retrospective and therefore not very useful useful  for forward planning. 

I liked the framework provided in the e-design template and would consider using this in my own design narrative. I would consider using the principle behind the Design Narrative if I was focusing on a topic over a long period of time, so I could make adjustments based on what emerged from the original design experiment.

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