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Mabel's comparison of 4Ts and e-design template

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Mabel Cambeiro
17 April 2014


I think that this design is very flexible because it shows many possibilities for adaptations to variations in the activities. The representation with the lanes and subdivisions is very clear to infer and understand. It could be useful for the narrative I wrote because there was team work, use of technology, a fixed time and of course a task to do. Moreover, there wouldn't be so many differences to make in order to adapt the healthy eating representation to my narrative.


E-Design Template

I consider that this design is also very flexible and adaptable to different contexts. What I liked the most of it was the fact that it motivated diversity in interaction and student exploration. The representation was quite appealing as well as it portrayed an upgrading and progressive aspect of the learning process. This design could also be useful for my narrative because the students were asked to investigate on their own and bring the collected information to present it in the following class. 



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