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13 February 2009

Please add a description of your project here. You may include links, and media (embed from uTube, Slideshare, Flickr, etc.) to provide the community with a snapshot of your work.

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Patrick McAndrew
7:49am 2 March 2009

OLnet is the Open Learning network - an open approach to finding out what the research issues are in OER, developing guidance that helps and sharing and refining ideas. We offer a site to support the network, events to bring out idea, projects to look for answers and fellowships to help people join in. We are working with the conference organisers and using cloudworks to gather ideas during and after the event.


More information at and

Roberta Johnson
12:22pm 3 March 2009

I will be discussing the my work to transition the Windows to the Universe project (website at and professional development program) to a sustainable OER.  In a sense, this project is a case-study for OER, as the Windows to the Universe website has successfully built a large audience of ~20 million users per year over the 14 years since project inception.  My efforts center around negotiating a Creative Commons license for the website, studying options for the best organizational framework for the project to continue in as a sustainable OER, and to develop a business plan for transitioning the website.  I'm very interested in talking to meeting participants who have experience in some or all of these areas!  Windows to the Universe also may provide a vehicle for raising the profile of OER by driving traffic to other OER resources and programs. 


Dr. Roberta Johnson

Director of Education and Outreach, UCAR

Research Scientist, High Altitude Observatory, NCAR

Executive Direction, National Earth Science Teachers Association

PI, Windows to the Universe

Riina Vuorikari
1:05am 4 March 2009

Content connecting people across borders? The LRE creates underlying links between resources, users, tags, repositories in a new way through social tagging

Mara Hancock
7:26pm 5 March 2009

Opencast Project

What is the Opencast Community?

The Opencast community is a collaboration of higher education institutions working together to explore, define, and document podcasting best practices and technologies. Through the listserv and Best Practice Guidelines wiki, the community offers guidance and information to help others choose the best approach for delivering rich media online.

This project has been going on for a year and a half and has now generated a number of new projects. One proposal that is of particular importance to the OER community is the Opencast Matterhorn project. 

What is the Opencast Matterhorn Project?

Deriving from planning activities that have taken place throughout this past year, a group of institutions from the Opencast community have come together and made a commitment around an Opencast build project. These partners have developed a proposal to build an enterprise-level, easy-to-install open source podcast and rich media capture, processing and delivery system. This system has been named Opencast Matterhorn.

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to contact me,, or visit to get involved in the community.



Karen Vignare
4:14pm 10 March 2009

Our planning grant is for Phase I of a global initiative, in collaboration with the food industry, to create an Open Educational Resources network of people and resources that will enable a new industry-led global qualification for food safety professionals. The Global Food Knowledge Network will create high-quality low-cost and open training and education in developing countries to enable rapid deployment of this critical new level of individual accountability in the world’s food system. Michigan State University, in collaboration with the global food industry, will facilitate the development of more food safety professionals, particularly in developing countries where the need is critical. The new global qualification and assessments will follow a model similar to Certified Public Accountants, yet it will be built in conjunction with a network of experts, practitioners and resources to create an open, competitive marketplace for training, education and exam preparation, including no-cost access to learning resources.

This is a unique opportunity to demonstrate that OER’s can have a direct impact on economic development in a critical industry in developing countries by enabling a new professional qualification.  The project will bridge the education and government world of OER with a critical new movement in a major global industry.

In June 2008, CIES "The Food Business Forum" through its Global Food Safety Initiative subsidiary, officially partnered with MSU and in February 2009 launched the initiative at its annual forum. MSU and the GFSI technical working group are currently developing competencies and a training toolkit that includes OERs.

We welcome any comments, Karen Vignare

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