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Jennifer's review of representations for H800-14B week 8/9 A2a

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Jennifer Harlock
24 April 2014

I will review the two representations of 4Ts and 4SPPPIces.

Readability of both the 4Ts model and 4SPPPIces is straightforward, with only four elements to each of the models, 3 of which (time/team/task and PM/S/P), as a practitioner, I feel comfortable with as they are at the core of all lesson planning. Didn't find the term 'history' in the 4SPPPIces helpful as this term actually refers to something which may be varied in the activities and would therefore require flexible management so unsure how the term 'history' is helpful. 

In terms of expressiveness, the simplicity of the terminolgy in both models is both a strength in that it succinctly represents a process using commonly understood language within the profession, but is also a limiting factor in that it creates rigid parameters.

In terms of utility both the 4Ts model and 4SPPPIces centre around 4 'characterizing' elements thus enabling visual representations of these models to be easily created.  Each of these models could be represented in a linear format, as in the swimming lanes analogy of 4Ts, however, both also provide the flexibility for non-linear representation. The 4SPPPIces open access web based template found on ldshake ( is particularly useful in that it provides a platform for a design process with true collaboration and sharing.

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