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Design narrative for setting up Edmodo

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Jennifer Harlock
24 April 2014

Me:  I am a teacher in a secondary school setting. I am a form tutor to sixth formers (year 13) and teach KS3 English.

Situation: The secondary school is based in Bangkok, Thailand; due to both political unrest and extreme weather conditions, e.g. flooding, the school's management requested that all teachers set up profiles/classes/groups on the web based platform of so that teaching and learning could continue if staff and/or students couldn't get into school at any time due to an emergency situation.  Edmodo is a secure platform where teachers and students can connect, engage and learn both inside and outside the classroom and it has the appearance of a social networking site, thereby encouraging its use by students.  Classes, assignments, resources can be set up and shared online. Edmodo use was encouraged both in and outside of school to develop learning habits which teachers could fall back on if an emergency situation arose, thereby minimising disruption to students' education.

Task: To set up a virtual classroom in Edmodo for my tutor groups to access and to populate it with lessons, materials, chat spaces.


  1. To register with Edmodo as a new user
  2. To set up classroom spaces
  3. To create learning groups, e.g. tutor groups and subject groups (by year)
  4. To populate with lessons, assignments and resources
  5. To provide access codes to students to enable them to enter my virtual classroom spaces
  6. To monitor participation levels and report to management/ HOD.

Results: Virtual classrooms were set up for both my tutor group and subject year groups.  Due to the 'social-networking' appearance of Edmodo, students were co-operative in accessing it, both for educational and pastoral matters and they quickly engaged with the student-tutor and peer-peer facilities to access materials and to gain support.

Reflections:  Although quick to learn and easy to navigate, after using initial online Edmodo tutorials, one of the biggest challenges was time:  time to learn how to use the virtual spaces, but also the challenge of locating and then modifying lessons, resources and materials that would potentially be used in virtual classrooms without the benefit of a teacher in the room explaining/modelling/clarifying, as goes on in traditional face-to-face classroom settings . This was a huge learning curve. Other insights gained include the enthusiasm of the 'Google generation' to access virtual learning spaces, especially as Edmodo has been designed with the appearance of a social networking site, so battles over accessing online classrooms didn't need to be fought



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Yishay Mor
5:16pm 22 May 2014

Hi Jennifer,

Great narrative. I suspect that there's a whole story behind each one of your bullet points. Your reflections seem to indicate that nothing is as simple as it seems. Perhaps you could elaborate the actions,  noting in each one the obstacles that you encounted and how you overcame them.

Also, it would be really nice if you could include a screenshot of the environment!



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