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World History ESL

Causes of the Great War

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Alexander Hood
29 April 2014

Title: Causes of the Great War

Narrator: Alexander Hood – Facilitator and class designer.

Situation: I am teaching an ESL history class with ten students. Students are of different with varing levels of English ability. One constant is that all the students are motivated and enthusiastic. The classroom has a computer, projector, and Wi-Fi connection.

Task Identify the military and political forces at work in Europe in the late 1800s.
Actions Researched the causes of the Great War and created a PowerPoint presentation using the mnemonic method. The three dark forces at work in Europe were: Nationalism, Militarism and Imperialism Students were asked questions about the slides using the Socratic method. Class was then divided into 3 teams and each team was assigned a dark force. Teams were invited to conduct further research on their assigned dark force. My class blog was provided as a starting point (video, audio, reading) for further research. To ensure the learning objective was met students were asked to create a propaganda poster (using an online application) that illustrates their understanding of their dark force. Before finishing students were asked to write a conclusion regarding today´s class. Teams then shared work with the group and answered questions.

Results: The students were able to easily grasp the concept of the class. The class enjoyed face-to-face and collaborative work. Feedback was positive from the students. Propaganda posters all exceeded expectations (according to my rubric). Conclusions confirmed their understanding of the objective.

Reflections: This seemed to be a productive example of blended learning. I am happy with the outcomes and may try to adapt this for other classes. I provided a little bit of guidance before students were invited to work by themselves. Students were always participating and had no time to rest. Teams learned a little bit about History.

Thanks, Alexander Hood.

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