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Feedback BIIML14

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John Cook
8 May 2014

Participants’ opinions
“Keep the mix of disciplines. I think it worked well”

“The engagement using social media was brilliant with twitter. I would recommend having a responsible person to keep track of this for future symposiums. As for the roundtable discussions I feel like there wasn't really enough time to actually discuss the different ideas more than superficially. Perhaps this format should be reconsidered or alternatively, make the tables into even smaller groups.”

“The public engagement part was interesting and I think the location of the event will allow you to engage with different types of folks - something to plan for maybe in future? I really liked the fact that the speakers / attenders were from different parts of the world and different workplaces - not just academics - this was a strength for me.”

“A fabulous event - a lovely mix of theory, cutting edge practice, innovation and outside learning - can't wait for the next one! It would be good to have a Masters/PhD students part, maybe they could attend for a day at a reduced cost”

“Great event, very well-balanced (and rare) mix of socialising, practice-orientation and research; much more interesting and productive than the big conferences...”

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