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Rob Farrow's Response to 'Comparing Representations'

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Robert Farrow
10 May 2014

The two representations I will dicsuss are the Web Collage design tool and the CADMOS representaton of learning activities.

Readability I find CADMOS quite readable and it's fairly easy to tell what's going on.  The parrallel tracks showing the different activities engaged in by different actors is especially useful for tweaking lesson plans.  Web Collage, by contrast, is pretty baffling, looking like a circuit board and with everything a bit more abstract.

Expressiveness I thought that the CAMDOS model conveyed what was happening in a more human and understandable way.  Web Collage seemed much more impersonal and a bit like an engineering manual or an airport emergency evacuation guide.

Utility It's difficult to assess these tools without using them but my impression is that CADMOS is the more useful, especially in classroom situations.  But I could see that, if you were dealing with very large class sizes then you might need a more abstract tool to cope with the scale.

Relation to own Learning Design I chose these examples because they seemed closest to my own, but though they involve visual representation they aren't really the same sort of thing.  I think you could probably represent the intended flow quite successfully with CADMOS.

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