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OU Media Player June 2014 release (blog)

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Nick Freear
6 August 2014

Original post.

I'm happy to be reporting on a new release of the OU Media Player that happened in mid-June. This release fixed a number of bugs, including one relating to Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8, and another involved fixing security warnings for non-secure audio/video media files when the Player is embedded on a site via HTTPS.

There were also a couple of enhancements. One entails hiding the title panel on pages that are Open University branded. This has proved to be a stumbling block in some deployments, as the titles are not always meaningful to the public (they may be used internally to distinguish tracks), and it looks odd to have multiple copies the OU's shield logo.

Another feature we added was Google Analytics for the legacy media embedded in OpenLearn. This is feature isn't visible to the end-user. However, it is important so that we can track and report on usage. Based on this, I can already report that the Player is currently embedded in something like 2000 places and receives approaching 4000 plays per month.

Analytics tracks some "events" for the Player, currently, "play", "pause" and the audio/video track is "ended", . GitHub: ../mediaelement ../mep-feature-googleanalytics.js. We're interested in doing more with the Player analytics, so please watch this space.

You can see the full release notes for version 1.1.9.

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