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Sustainability in OER projects

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13 February 2009

Models, cases, challenges and debates on the sustainability of OER projects.

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Robert Schuwer
6:58pm 3 March 2009

At the Open University Netherlands, a business model is developed, in which a variety of open content will be available. We aim at starting implementation of this model this year. We expect a full implementation to take several years. The main premise underlying this model is to publish everything, someone has paid for and for delivery cost nothing, open. A subscription model to paid courses and a list of several services should finance the open materials. The main goal for the open resources are seduction, although the majority of the open materials can be of use for our learners without having to subscribe to any services.

Nicole Allen
5:59pm 4 March 2009

Textbooks are the ultimate inelastic and non-substitutable product... Professors assign the book, and students need to pay whatever price the publisher sets to succeed in the class.

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