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What does quality mean in OER?

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13 February 2009

Discuss issues of quality of OER, including proposals for quality indicators and raising the quality of OER.

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Sara Crouse
5:29pm 5 March 2009

Flagged Revisions is a Wikimedia Foundation tech project which directly addresses the quality question. Flagged Revs has  been successfully deployed on the German Wikipedia and is currently being considered for other Wikipedias; it is one possible way to addresses the the concurrent need for accuracy and immediacy on-wik.


Sara Crouse
6:01pm 5 March 2009

A comment specific to collaboratively created educational content: Community consensus is a key quality assessment process, tool, _and_ product.

M. S. Vijay Kumar
6:06pm 5 March 2009

The E in OER does make quality a context dependent charactersitic but also multi-dimensional i.e, technical (interoperability); extensability . i.e, modifiability; Educational  design; appropriateness for outcomes, etc.). This suggests:

-that proxies for quality such ast he  reputation of source  or the recommenders are useful proxies

- that we need a scorecard of quality indicators

- Most importantly  that Quality is not absolute but a reasonable indicator to help the selection of an intial set of OER's and incrsse the likelihood o its usefulness for different educational purposes and conexts

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