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Gráinne Conole
29 September 2014

Use this space to introduced yourself and to say what you hope to get out of the Innovations in Teaching seminar and associated sessions and workshops.

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Gráinne Conole
12:03pm 29 September 2014

Hi I'm Gráinne (pronounced GRONYA) and I am looking forward very much to the Innovations in Teaching Seminar. I am giving two keynotes and two workshps. My background is in Chemistry, I did a PhD in Chemistry and then started lecturing, soon I was exploring creating e-learning resources for my students and the rest as they say is history! I am now a professor of Learning Innovation at the University of Leicester in the UK. I am interested in researching the use of technologies for education, particular current interests include Learning Design and Open Educational Resources/Massive Open Online Courses. I live in a small village in the centre of England and have two daughters and way too many cats. Interests include reading, traveling, cooking and learning Spanish ;-)

Lee Siang Hwee
4:33am 30 September 2014

This is Siang Hwee, who is a learning designer in CITS. I have only been in NTU for a month or so.

James Kerk
4:33am 30 September 2014

Hi, I am James. Together with me are Junxian, Suresh, Juli, Michelle. Most of us are Learning Designer/Technologist from CITS except for Michelle who is teaching in EEE. We are hoping to find out all the good things about social media and how it supports teaching and learning in a tertiary institution.

Serene Goh
4:34am 30 September 2014

Hi. I'm Serene, slower than James and Siang Hwee.

4:34am 30 September 2014 (Edited 4:34am 30 September 2014)

Social Media is a powerful tool. But if it is to be used for classroom learning and aimed to improved the learning experience/outcome, it should be added with some extra 'ingredients'. 

roger winder
4:34am 30 September 2014

i'm roger, the slowest for now.

roger winder
4:35am 30 September 2014

i'm roger, the slowest for now.

Suhaimi Bin Md Noor
4:36am 30 September 2014

Hi, I'm Suhaimi, Learning Technologist from CITS - LSA team.

Mellissa C Tawin
4:39am 30 September 2014

We are the organisers of the event :)

Jeremy Pile
6:05am 30 September 2014

I'm Jeremy from EOS. I have been a student (undergrad and postgrad), a visiting lecturer, a fieldwork demonstrator and I am now a research fellow.  

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