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Seminar 6 - Effective Use of Technologies

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Rebecca Wilson
6 November 2014

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Tim Hunt
3:03pm 10 November 2014

This Transforming Assessment webinar about getting students to participate in forums was also last Wednesday. The recording is now available, and I think it is worth a watch if you are interested in getting students to particiapte in online discussions.

Tim Hunt
7:33am 23 December 2014

Another interesting resource about what does, or does not, help students participate in forums:

Cheryl A. Murphy & Russell A. Fortner, 2104, "Impact of Instructor Intervention on the Quality and Frequency of Student Discussion Posts in a Blended Classroom", MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching Vol. 10, No. 3, December 2014.

They did a nice experiment with clear results, but as the discussion makes clear, it is hard to interpret. Another intersteing part is just the first paragraph, which summarises how many conflicting results there are in the literature in this area. Has onyone done a good review?

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