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WED: Being Here Now... when you are There and Then (Sara Boas)

11 February 2015

Online learning of body awareness and presence in coaching

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Sara Boas
3 December 2014

In my leadership and organisational development practice, I teach coaches how to raise their body awareness and to be present in an embodied way. My research for H818 is focused on exploring whether and how such holistic, embodied learning can take place through distance learning. 

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Samantha Marks
6:33pm 8 December 2014

Hi Sara. I love the title you have chosen. Looking forward to hearing more.

Stefanie Anyadi
1:23pm 24 January 2015

Sounds really interesting, Sara! I can imagine that using multimedia resources would be something you'd do to illustrate your teaching anyway, and you could use those for distance learning. What would be most difficult aspects of your teaching to translate if you're not physically present?

Rachel O'Connor
10:00am 26 January 2015

This is a really intriuing title Sara. Makes me want to come to the conference even though I am not sure what to expect. That is kind of the excitement though! Look forward to seeing what you present.

Hugo Teixeira
10:44am 28 January 2015

Hi Jane. Seeing that we're both (and Jane) working on practices (thanks Samantha for pointing this out), I look forward to seeing your presentation. Have you posted your poster somewhere we can see it? Thanks!

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