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SAT: Innovative Online Formative Assessment: Using Moodle Lessons to Teach Accurate Legal Referencing (Lisa Kidger)

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Lisa Kidger
27 December 2014

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Would you like to test your ability to give accurate legal references?

Prior to the conference, you are invited to complete this activity which is designed to put you in the shoes of a student being asked to give references, without the benefit of the Moodle Lessons that will be explained in the conference presentation. 

Read this brief explanation of Acts and Regulations before going to What is the correct reference to complete a very short quiz. After completing the quiz you can view the answers here

Please feel free to leave comments on the activity in the comments section.

(NB: This activity is not intended to show best practice and should hopefully highlight to you the need for additional support/feedback to students.)

Lisa Kidger
13:06 on 31 January 2015 (Edited 13:19 on 31 January 2015)

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4:17pm 11 January 2015

Hi Lisa

In the 'sophisticated online formative assessment tool (Moodle lessons)' how are students assessed?  Is it a test with multiple choice answers, or a fill in the blanks or an extended piece which is computer-marked?

Would be interested in the type of assessment which helps their understanding; sounds very interesting.

Lisa Kidger
1:32pm 12 January 2015

Hi Marese

Yes, in the lessons given to the students they were assessed by multiple-choice questions, however the software allows additional types of questions such as yes/no, short answer, essay, numerical and matching.

Best wishes


Sheila Greenwood
5:04pm 13 January 2015

Hi Lisa I m sufficently hooked on the abstract of your presenttion to highlight it as a slot to watch at conference.

What is your sampe size in the case study? It is interesting that you found the use of a Moodle helped with the students referencing.

Perhaps another later experiment could be Moodle v optional face to face. I wonder if the Moodle results would be quite so good?

Best of luck at the conference


Lisa Kidger
6:16pm 14 January 2015

Hi Sheila

I'm pleased that my summary has encouraged you to attend my presentation. The sample size was 25 students on the 2013/14 edition of the course and 25 students on the 2014/15 edition of the course. I had hoped to compare moodle with the optional face to face as well, but unfortunately, at the date I extracted the data, not enough students on the 2014/15 course had attended a workshop for me to be able to make a meaningful comparison. It's certainly something I'll be looking at doing in the future, though.


Jocelyn Anderson
8:14pm 24 January 2015

Hi Lisa,

This looks really interesting! It sounds like there could be tremendous benefits in using Moodle for formative assessments, maybe for traditional face-to-face learning as well as distance learning? I'm interested in how Moodle might be used to create review assignments (one of the things I struggle with is how to help students review when part of the class is completely confident with a concept - and thus bored - and part isn't so confident). Will you be discussing how the Moodle lessons were designed? 

All the best,


Hugo Teixeira
11:19am 28 January 2015

As someone who learned academic referencing by being pointed to guides and being expected to absorb information through exposure (similar to the experience you describe, I think), and someome who has built a few Moodle lessons and tests, I am really intrigued. I can see how the formative assessment you describe could effectively provide an instant feedback loop to students learning how to write accurate legal references. I feel your PowToon was also very effective in communicating the focus of your presentation. I look forward to learning how Moodle lessons were implemented in your context and how you might apply the results of your case study to distance learning students at large.

Lisa Kidger
1:09pm 31 January 2015

Hi Jocelyn

Yes, I'll briefly be discussing their design (I can't go into too much depth because of time constraints). It could certainly be used to create review assignments, but you do need to be using Moodle as a VLE to use Moodle Lessons.

Best wishes


Steve Castle
2:31pm 3 February 2015

Hi Lisa, Your presentation looks very interesting and if it's anything like the standard of your poster, it's going to be very.good. No pressure there then :) It would seem that once you get used to the referencing system, if is quite easy to remember how you need to reference. However, I suppose if you are completing papers in a highly stressful environment such as law, there are going to be things that might be omitted (the small things) and there is a need for constant reminders (as when I say to my students 'read the exam question') Best Wishes Steve

Lisa Kidger
2:10pm 4 February 2015

Thanks Steve. I'll admit that my presentation will probably be more traditional in style, partly because of it being a case study (I don't have a multimedia artifact to show) and I known be being fairly austere with my slides (have you seen Samantha Marks' powerpoints in OpenStudio - they are fabulous!). But hope to get across the benefits of online formative assessment. And, yes, read the question is a frequent refain in my office! And one of the benefits of the lessons seems to be that it has highlighted the neccessity of references.

Lisa Kidger
2:12pm 4 February 2015

Thanks Hugo. Yes, exactly, feedback helps close the loop. I'm excited that you have used Moodle Lessons in the past. What sort of thing have you used them for?

Dr Simon Ball
3:27pm 9 February 2015

Here are the comments and questions from your live presentation at the conference:

  • really like how logical and simple this looks
  • I have never known what to do with Moodle Lessons, had wondered how to do feedback so this is brilliant
  • Did the students themselves admit that the Moodle lessons were helpful?
  • could you push it even further?
  • I hadn't realised that Moodle lessons were adaptive - I've got a Moodle VLE myself!
  • Was it easy for students to use Moodle or where they provided training before hand
  • How long did it take you to create your Moodle Lessons Lisa?
  • How difficult was it to create the extra feedbcak information?
  • as it was so successful, do you want to improve/expand ?
  • what was the culminating assignment like?
  • What is your next step Lisa?

Dr Simon Ball
8:14pm 18 February 2015

Many Congratulations! Your presentation has been voted by delegates to be one of the most effective of the H818 Online Conference 2015 and you are officially one of our five H818 Presentation Star Open Badge Winners! Please see how to Apply for your Badge here:

Well done!


H818 Conference Organiser

Lisa Kidger
2:16pm 19 February 2015

Responses to questions not dealt with during the presentation

1) could you push it even further?

Yes, I have only jsut scratched the surface of what Moodle lessons can do. I haven't yet got to grips with clusters and all the ways it can be adaptive. Some suggestions are given in Moodle docs as to how lessons can be used.

2) How long did it take you to create your Moodle Lessons Lisa?

Certainly no more than a day or so and it only took that long because I had to create the content. Actually putting it into lesson format is very easy once you get used to the controls.

3) How difficult was it to create the extra feedbcak information?

Not difficult at all. I already know what I wanted to say having seen the errors that students made and Lessons are easy to create once you know how. .

4) as it was so successful, do you want to improve/expand ?

Yes, certainly. I want to expand it to other courses and use more of the features.

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