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SAT: Watching learning as it unfolds – how will the use of flipped classroom engage in home learning and impact on student learning? (Alpa Dabasia)

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Alpa Dabasia
7 January 2015

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The content within this presentation is aimed at anyone interested in bring innovation to the classroom via Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The title of this presentation is ‘Watching learning as it unfolds – how will the use of flipped classroom engage home learning and impact on student learning’. This presentation will focus on flipping the classroom via the homework management system, one of the many features available via the VLE. One of the ‘traditional’ techniques currently used to teach in schools is the teacher lectures and the students carry out homework outside the class. In order to develop an innovative style of teaching and learning in a flipped classroom, lectures are moved out of the classroom and delivered online. In class, students can inquire about lecture content, test their skills in applying knowledge, and interact with one another in hands-on activities. This technique reduces the amount of lecturing and promoting more student engagement in class. The objective of this presentation is to discuss some of the ways the flipped classroom approach can be introduced to your school and how it also offers opportunities for the classroom to become a more flexible environment. Where the physical layout can be shifted to enable group work, where students can make use of their own devices, and where new approached to learning and assessment are put into practice.

This presentation would looks at what theoretical perspectives and what a case study example tell us about the topic of creating a flipped classroom. This presentation would take into consideration different perspectives on creating a flipped classroom with different activities to show how teachers can engage their students. The types of finding that are presented in this presentation are a combination of personal finding and with theoretical findings based on literature review. The ultimate message within the presentation is the prompting flipped learning reverses the traditional classroom approach to teaching and learning. The presentation will been created in Prezi to provide examples of how the flipped classroom approach has worked within two ICT classes that has been chosen to experiment. The students will bring their own device to the class to carry out Internet research for the relevant information. For example the type of in-class and out of class activities, how the students evaluated the study, and methodological characteristics for each study. The final slide will provide a feedback slide including the usability and benefit of learning via the flipped classroom. The presentation will deliver asynchronously in the Open University H818 online conference. The presentation will remain available afterward via OU, this allows sharing, ease of modification and reuse in a variety of contexts with a simple share alike attribution creative commons license. This allows participants to share ideas and develop their ideas a early stages of their work. I hope the idea draws on as a networked practitoner.

Alpa Dabasia
15:20 on 2 February 2015

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4:27pm 11 January 2015

Oh this sounds very interesting (even just the title!!!)

I would love our school to consider piloting a 'flipped classroom' with one year group to see what elements could be utilised in the future and rolled out to the whole school.

Alpa Dabasia
2:37pm 12 January 2015

Thank you Marese. This is exactly what our school is planning on, however, they have postpone the pilot scheme for another six months. So I can not go with original plan. Still look forward to reading more about it and present at the conference.

matthew street
6:28pm 28 January 2015


I agree the title really drew me in, it sounds like a fasicating project.  Have come across anything that suggests students might get fatigued if the approach was blanket across school?



Alison Walker
9:36am 4 February 2015

Hello Alpa

Your presentation sounds so interesting - It sounds as though the case studies will really bring the concept of a flipped classroom to life and demonstrate just how it can be achieved. I think your choice of Prezi is great too - again providing an opportunity to demonstrate what a flipped classroom can be and I guess it allows you to demonstrate the impact on the learning experience too?

Your project also feels like a culture change programme in that both learners and teachers will have to learn new behaviours for the flipped classroom to be successful. Have you come across anything yet that indicates acceptance/resistance to the flipped classroom and whether this impacts on successful implemetation?

Lisa Kidger
1:54pm 4 February 2015

Hi Alpa

I'm looking forward to your presentation. I work for a distance learning organisation, so face-to-face sessions are the exception rather than the norm, but I keep wondering whether the concept of flipped classrooms has anything to teach the distance learning provider, so learning more about them is going to be beneficial for me.

Best wishes


Steve Castle
2:42pm 4 February 2015

Hi Alpa, Our presentations have similar themes, but at different ends of the conference. I'm very interested in your take on flipped learning as I consider it quite innovative. I think the key here is changing people's mindsets about traditional learning culture. That's not just the teachers, but everyone involved in the educational aspect. I look forward to your presentation. Perhaps this conference is a type of 'quasi' flipped learning. Best Wishes Steve

Dr Simon Ball
3:53pm 9 February 2015

Here are the comments and questions from your live presentation at the conference:

  • Sutton Trust has said that homework doesn't have effective impact - BUT I think this relates to the relevance of the homework to the lesson
  • Blended learning is often treated as homework and the same phrases come up there...
  • I love doing the tutorials for discussing homework
    Homework prepares students for applied discussions
  • Maybe its the word 'homework' that's the problem and not the task itself - as long as it's meaningful work
  • flipped classroom - using homework - is exciting change to teaching roles .... but are teachers ready to change their roles from 'sage on the stage' to 'creative, adaptive teaching to student needs'
  • We also need to cha ge student attitudes
  • Would setting up a VLE site fall to teachers to do? Could this be very time consuming?
  • Coursera peer assessments are really effective, as long as you accept that the chief benefit is for the the assessor rather than the assessee.
  • but would need collaboration across school to ensure pupils are not overwhelmed - and we've heard from Marese and Jen how challenging that can be
  • and there is lots of learning for the assessee - yes?
  • Also depends on kids backgrounds - for some kids can't learn anywhere but in teh school (home is like a war zone).
  • I like the idea that this may help with differentiation... more personalised or targeted learning... anyone looked at Knewton's adaptive learning which involves parents too....?
  • Could you get the students to help each other?
  • Alpa - what happens if learners don't do the preparation? Does this mean that they come to the lesson unprepared?
  • Interesting you are no longer in control of their learning. Is this a big challenge for teachers?
  • How are you going to measure improvement?
  • Does the use of video in the flipped classroom put the learner in control and if so how important is learner control for their learning?
  • Are you planning to make videos/Oer yourself or use ready OER?
  • Are there any studies of the efficacy of flipped classrooms?
  • Do you find the weaker students/pupils get the most benefit from this approach?

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