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WED: Mapping assessments to technology tools: Development of an OER toolkit to assist with implementation of electronic management of assessment (Alice La Rooy)

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Alice La Rooy
19 January 2015

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Implementing electronic management of assessment brings many benefits for students including, time saving, eliminating cost of printing and the security of digital receipts and backups (Jisc, 2014).  There are many benefits for the institution and for staff as well. The biggest learning curve however is perhaps for staff with online marking requiring a significant change in practise.  Online submission and online feedback is being fully implemented at Abertay University over the next two years.  While for many assessments that simply means electronic versions of essays and computer based exams a recent survey of how our VLE tools were being used revealed pockets of innovation.  Some staff are now using gradable discussion forums to engage students in critical debate and others are making use of wiki tools for group projects. This online assessment mapping toolkit aims to take staff through a brief decision making process to narrow down the details of a planned assessment and then suggest technology that could be used appropriately to help manage the assessment completely online through the entire assessment lifecycle (Manchester Metropolitan University, 2014) . Ultimately the toolkit will contain case studies of best practise and how-to guides with links to booking internal workshops.   This tool aims to help staff feel encouraged and supported to embed technology fully into their assessment practices.  Technology should be seen as an integral part of the module rather than a bolt-on addition at the end to return online grades to students.  This is indeed why this tool kit is being presented under the implementation theme, as to fully implement EMA (Electronic management of Assessment) staff need to plan for it at the beginning of the assessment lifecycle.  This toolkit is designed to help with the planning process.


This presentation will demonstrate the tool kit via an interactive tour of the learning object via screen sharing capability of online conferencing software covering the following points:

  • Overview of the structure of the object which uses branching ‘pick a path’ navigation to help narrow down options and display only tools relevant to the planned assessment.
  • Example of the interactive material that is being developed to demonstrate the tools.
  • Discussion of when the tool could be useful e.g. when developing new modules or reviewing the assessments in existing ones.
  • Demonstration of how the tool was made showing how it could be adapted for use in other institutions.  Discussion on how it could be used as an OER and what repository in might be found in for sharing in the near future.


This session will be of interest to E-learning Managers, Learning technologists and other members of University staff with an interest in implementing electronic management of assessment more broadly at their institution.



Jisc, 2015, Electronic management of assessment available online: [accessed 06 January 2015]


Manchester metropolitan University, 2014, Assessment Lifecycle Available online: [accessed 06 January 2015]

Alice La Rooy
12:02 on 19 January 2015

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Stefanie Anyadi
1:34pm 24 January 2015 (Edited 7:53am 7 February 2015)

I'm really interested in this, Alice, so looking forward to finding out more about your toolkit. Funnily enough, your idea of basing case studies and best practice guides around the MMU Assessment Lifecycle mirrors what was discussed at a JISC workshop a few days ago as one of several possible EMA projects to be taken forward. And it was the project which participants thought would require least effort, because JISC and HEIs already have many case studies available. Envisaged timeline for a pilot was July/August so you might be able to link into that - I'm sure an update will be posted to the JISC EMA blog at

Dr Simon Ball
10:58am 12 February 2015

Your questions and comments from the live conference presentation are below:

  • VEry useful; wish they could make 'Grade it' less clunky though and less fuzzy.
  • Like the look of this alot - what's the format, can I ask?
  • Are you planning to restrict your systems to those that are "authorised" or can staff use other systems (maybe without support from your team)?
  • Loved the top trumps idea - do you think that it would work well as an app? Top Trumps
  • That would be great Alice and would allay a lot of the concerns that staff have at York St John
  • I'm wondering about screencast demos/tutorials to replace text what do you feel about that?

Jane Ballans
2:13pm 13 February 2015

Hi Angela, Sorry to have missed your live presentation. As a former maths teacher I was really interested in some of the things you had to say, and as a mother of three I remember feeling very disappointed with the revision sessions my children had. They just seemed to have to do more and more past papers, but no real feedback on them. I've found your Twitter page so will follow your progress.

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