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Seems the 2012 cloudscape best place for this. This could be a crunch in MOOC acceptance, though not just on site. CUP and OCR for secondary computing (Wed 1330) and OUP as venture support for apps (Thuir 1405) also John Crouch from Apple may mention some USA news. MirandaNET Wed 12-1 is booked out so any news welcome.Link is to my take on Pulse.

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Will Pollard
10:26am 20 January 2015

Notes for @wenotno , radio show in Exeter Phonic FM

Sorry not much explanation, about to travel


MirandaNET  12 - 1  MOOCs  Gallery Suite 4  ( seems to be booked out but may try to crash, anyone booked in already?)
CUP / OCR MOOC for computing in schools   Secondary Theatre  1330
 What happened with computer curriculum Primary Theatre  1600
John Crouch from Apple  Arena  1045
OUP ventures  seems to be backing apps etc  1405  Futures Stage
Radio    We want to know how to get sound from mobile devices across a studio. Cables designed for consumers can go wrong as in wobbly. Wifi? Bluetooth?
Clyde  F116
School Radio  F385
Schools Media  D370
Talking Products  A486
and Toshiba Radio used to be BETT Radio, Russell Prue  C140
PS floor plan just out as PDF

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