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Alina Kim-Vainberger, East Kazakhstan State Technical University

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Daniyar Sapargaliyev
29 January 2015

Nowadays in the Republic of Kazakhstan the educational system improves significantly, by virtue of mobile learning influence. In this case, my field of research connected with development of software system based on a unified model of a quality management system for Kazakhstan’s higher education institutions with the development of innovative orientation.

The goal - to develop a standardized model of quality management system (QMS) for Kazakhstan’s higher education institutions, it provides the focus on innovative orientation of studying, international and scientific activities, and also the development of software based on this model that provides automation of development process, deployment and management of the QMS.


1. Analysis of the current situation and problems in the field of quality management system in higher education of Kazakhstan.

2. Development of a conceptual model of the QMS for universities of Kazakhstan, taking into account the innovation component of their activities.

3. Development of methods for the unification of the proposed model.

4. Making the technical project for the development of software complex.

5. Development of a digital model of the QMS and to build on its core software system providing process automation development, deployment and management of the QMS.

6. Testing of the proposed solutions in the real functioning of higher education institutions;

7. Determination of the parameters (and their values​​) the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

8. Development of the possible ways to further improve of the proposed solutions.

9. Improve the impact of the mobile learning in higher education of Kazakhstan.

In the result of solving set problems:

- the conceptual model of the QMS for universities of Kazakhstan will be develop and justify, suggesting the active introduction of innovative strategies and mobile learning  in various areas of their activities;
- methods for unification of the model will be proposed;
- software system for higher education, providing automation of the development, implementation and maintenance of QMS will be developed;
- the results of testing the proposed solutions in the real functioning of the institution (universities) in the Republic of Kazakhstan will be received;
 - recommendations on the implementation and use of the results obtained in the field of higher education of Kazakhstan will be proposed;
- possible avenues for further research on the topic of the Project will be suggested.

In the "Concept of Education Development of Kazakhstan till 2015" new approaches in the field of undergraduate and postgraduate education, the transition to a multi-level training of highly qualified specialists and credit system of education offers. In message from the President of Kazakhstan "On the competitive Kazakhstan, competitive economy, competitive nation," the main idea is to improve the quality of education to the world standards. In this case, it is undeniable that a major factor in the success of any organization, including education, is the quality of its results. Achieve the required level of quality that satisfies the requirements of all stakeholders can be created with the help of implemented and certified quality management system (QMS).

Thus, considering all of the above, we can note a significant importance of the research for higher education of Kazakhstan. It can be assumed that with proper development of the project, these studies will also have a significant response in global research in the field the QMS. 

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