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Aliya Muftigaliyeva, West Kazakhstan Agrarian-Technical University

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Daniyar Sapargaliyev
29 January 2015

I am engaged in teaching activity already more than 15 years and this is my calling. I aspire to professional growth and self-improvement, I am anxious about my affair. Responses and wishes of my students, their reaction and competitiveness on labor-market – is the main criterion of productivity of my work.

We face new problems - professional training on wide directions adapted to quickly varying conditions of manufacture and market; fundamentality of subject knowledge, active independent work, mobility of trainees and teachers through the mobile learning.

The main requirement to the professional training in modern society is its conformity to the international standards of education, as professionalism particularly, and harmonious development of the person as a whole. Today's graduate should differ not only in mobility in the world space, but also represent the professional of “new generation”, essential in the sphere of business and government, aimed on creative activity for the welfare of his native land. It is important not only “what the graduate knows”, but also “what he is able” as today employers pay attention to personal potential of the future worker more and more, assuming his competence on different official positions.

Qualitative education enables the expert in any situation to make the decision independently and to find ways of successful activity that finally conducts to the greater efficiency of national economy and strengthening of the state position on the world scene.

Therefore we bear the responsibility for educational achievements of trainees and we face hard tasks. Today we should be capable not only inform up to students the newest scientific achievements, but also the "charged" innovative ideas. In fact our primary goal consists mostly not in ordering and transformation of already turned out scientific knowledge, but in generating new scientific ideas and "cultivation" of the scientific schools. And for this purpose it is necessary to accumulate huge luggage of knowledge, abilities, skills, professional skill and many other things, in fact the future of our country depends on our activity.

It is known, that the mobile learning makes greater demands to the activity of the teacher. In particular, it is necessary for the teacher to improve constantly educational-methodical work, to formulate requirements to knowledge on concrete disciplines more precisely, to raise the level of methodical and technical maintenance of students’ independent work with the increase of its volume, to carry out the constant control of progress of students in development of this or that discipline of educational program. The teacher also should change the technique of teaching, organization and carrying out of the lessons as the result of transition to the concentrated ways of material statement in combination with active work of students, to use mainly interactive forms of educational activity. It will be necessary for teacher to carry out the regular basis work for updating of maintenance of lessons materials, information sources for independent work of students.

In this connection on faculty I have created and supervise the scientific-methodical seminar where together with teachers we discuss innovative and interactive technologies of training and opportunity of their realization in educational process, we share experience; we carry out public lessons and inter-attendance.

We should more widely practice carrying out of seminars on mobile learning of training for teachers. The credit technology of training will put teachers before the necessity of constant self-improvement and self-training.

I pay great attention to the use of innovative training technologies in educational process, therefore I develop and introduce innovative technology of training “Collective amplifier of intelligence”, and also its various elements are used on my lessons.

Ways of perfection of educational process:

- intensification of educational process, i.e. creation of conditions for mastering by students of large quantity of information for a time unit. The intensification demands great skill, good methodical preparation, because the intensification is reached due to the introduction of new forms of lessons conducting (lessons-debates, lecture-show, business and role games, “brain storm”, case-study, brains-rings, essay, webs-pages, etc.) with wide use of audiovisual and other means of training;

- introduction of electronic editions in educational process for persons interested in independent raise of knowledge level. They will help the student to show abilities to self-realization and self-education which are necessary at individual independent training. With their help the actual task - preparation of the student for life in information society is solved.

The reaction of students is positive. The application of new interactive forms in educational process has caused the big interest of students. They allow students to show the creative potential, to develop cognitive activity, freely express own opinion, study to cooperate. Interactive methods promote self-education of students. It became easier to me to work, as I began to work by the principle "To interest" and held feedback. The second way was more pleasant to students of the correspondence form of training, till now they are grateful to me; in fact I gave them ability to save time, but at the same time, on these electronic carriers there are interesting economic riddles or other tasks which induce students to address also the other sources of information.  

Today we act as the partner of student, helping him to choose an individual trajectory of training. It is important to offer students those courses which reflect new tendencies in science, requirements of labor market. So, the instructor needs much to learn himself.

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