Zaira Satpayeva, Kazakh National University

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Daniyar Sapargaliyev
29 January 2015

My future research paper is «ICT as an Important Infrastructural Element of NIS Kazakhstan: Problems and Prospects». Mobile learning will be considered as innovative instrument for development ICT because mobile learning is one kind of ICT. Mobile learning promotes the efficient transmission of information and this is an important element in the information infrastructure

In research paper that will be presented at the workshop SWOT-analysis of ICT as an important infrastructural element in the NIS of Kazakhstan will be conducted. The role of e-government in the development of innovative economy in Kazakhstan will be defined. Author’s conclusions and suggestions will be formulated, governmental politics measures required for successful development of ICT sphere and its contribution to formation of NIS of Kazakhstan will be concerned. In particular, author will give recommendations for the development of information infrastructure of NIS RK. Author thinks that it will be interesting for other researchers.

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