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Open educational resources issues

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Joanne Pearson
27 February 2015

Three key issues which I think are particularly relevant for OER, and how these are being addressed as followed...

1)      Accreditation or measurement of informal or formative learning is a key issue which can easily monitored and translated to summative learning in the classroom however on a larger scale with OER this is much more challenging due to the numbers of students, methods of assessment, moderation, quality assurance, accreditation approaches etc.. Some of the ways this is being addressed include Mozilla badges or the Peer 2 Peer University.  Badges now in OpenLearn which is valuable.

2)      Legal access, ownership, privacy and sharing – being addressed through collaboration, digital scholar works and Creative Commons Licensing, however these preclude small scale or existing university structures in many cases from being OER providers – perhaps a scheme of adoption into university approach could help.

3) Ethical issues - For OER Research Hub data collection activities these have to comply with their Ethical Principles for Research Involving Human Participants and Code of Practice and UK Data Protection Act (1998) and the USA’s Protection of Human Subjects (45 CFR 46) by sharing and releasing research data, where possible and appropriate this can start to be overcome perhaps using Ariande Harvester – repository search engine.. however this will prove to be a particularly challenging area.


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