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Steven Douglas Bamlett
27 March 2015

I have only just realised after an inappropriate application that I had to 'create a cloud' and that wasn't the same as adding a comment - so here I go, now in the flow.

Doing H800 has been an illumination for me because I was a technophobe until the age 42 and to a certain extent, now in my 60s, I still have this sense that pressing 'f5' will blow up the world if done inadvertently (that 'joke' used to be a commonplace then - whatever you do, don't press F5).

Now on H800 I'm feeling more strongly the 'supporting presence' element of the Web - its non-competitive shary side. It is a start - it is like being a teacher trainee again.

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Sarah Schroeder
7:02am 28 March 2015

Hi Steve :)

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