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Tom Cheek
30 March 2015

I reviewed e-Design and Design Principles:

E-Design - The design table make it very easy to identify aspects of teaching that have and/or have not been utilised.  For example there is no 'Self Organised Learner' activities for the entire healthy eating delivery.

There is lots of structured and managed activity but limited open activity.  This may support a specific syllabus (such as preparing for a specific exam) but lacks the openess and broader learning experience that could be gained when reviewing a subject as debatable at healthy eating - there is lots of conflictive data out there

Design Principles - Lots of opportunity to collaborate and share ideas and values.  Offers the development of rsearch to identify learning artefacts.  Will offer a broad learning experience but will require good facilitation/mediation to ensure a direction in learning with a summary of collated thoughts.  Currently, the subject of 'healthy eating' is debated constantly with various opinions on what is healthy and unhealthy.  This model allows for a good review of this full spectrum of thoughts.


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