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John Small
31 March 2015

ISiS v Web Collage

The Intention, Strategy and interactional Situations Representation

•             ‘readability’ (i.e. the ease with which you understood the content)

This was packed full of dense academic terminology.  This is a pity, since the concepts were pretty simple.  The images of implementing the ISiS system using ScreenEdit tool made clear the overly precise vagueness of the original text.  The Intention, Strategy and interactional Situations elements are clear, but could be replaced by the questions “What do we want to achieve?”, “How are we going to do this?”, “Who will be involved, and what will their roles be?”,  “What tools will we use and how will we display our findings?”

•             their expressiveness

The target readership of this paper does not seem to be the classroom practitioner, since it is not an easy “how to plan an activity” piece.  It expresses the thought that went into creating the design and the author wishes to be seen as a thinker (at the expense of those who wish to do this in the classroom)

•             their utility

Careful reading of the representation, but only careful reading made its aspects clear.  Only be rephrasing the authors words could I understand the ways in which it could be utilised.



Web Collage

•             their ‘readability’

This is a tool to visually describe the stages of a lesson and depict the groupings and student-student and student-teacher interactions within a lesson.  Difficult to read, but the diagram shed some light on the process.

•             their expressiveness

The diagrams, though cluttered, give a clarity to the planning process.  

•             their utility

This could be used for preparing planned interactions within pieces of learning quite easily.  It seems to be a quick way of planning whole class/ group/ pair/ individual work,

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