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H800 B2W8/9 Activity A2a Review of Representations

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Robert Lomax
1 April 2015

I found this activity very interesting and enjoyed the Persico et al article. In terms of learning design I looked at the 4 T Model and the e-Design Template. The latter I found more instinctive in terms of the progression presented of the learning moving from earlier stages of tutor facilitated active induction and guided exploration towards self-organised learning. So the model felt readable. The four principles rang true as well yet when the health eating lesson was transposed into the grid format I found it hard to understand. This reduced its expressiveness and consequent utility. I’m worried that if I were designing a lesson using this grid it would just quash any creativity I had. Perhaps it would better with an e-learning module?

The 4 T model felt less like a pedagogical statement about how learning takes place (or can be scaffolded) and more about setting out learning resources into four distinct areas. If I were designing a face to face or online session I think conceptualising the event in terms of Task, Teams, Technology and Time would be very useful.  The model was readable, expressed clearly its aim and consequently I think it would have high levels of utility.

If I had used the 4 T model in designing the Practice Educator Session discussed in Activity 1b, I think it would have helped me marshal my resources for the day and plan the content. I don’t the e-Design Template would have been applicable given the type of event I was planning.

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