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PWalsh Healthy Eating template research paper

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Paul Walsh
1 April 2015

Having read the abstract and first four pages of the research paper I chose the Web Collage and 4SPPICES as the two delivery methods I’d read about and look at reviewing.

Web Collage:

By pure coincidence this teaching plan states it’s for use by beginners and that would suit me if I was preparing to give a class for the first time, helpful if I’d chosen the most suitable plan by chance. The plan has a useful layout where you can see different stages of a class and the interaction as a group, smaller groups and with the teacher. There are useful stages for different styles of class followed by the assessment plans all modelled out for the teacher, from experience lecturers especially need their assessment plans to work well i.e. for the time in the semester and so many lecturers aren’t giving assignments at the same time. Against this plan for a beginner is there’s no timescales for class duration, there’s no specification of how resources are used and the detail of an individual class activity.

I liked this plan, admittedly it’s one of the very first such plans I’ve seen and had to imagine using. I can see myself planning work and classes, you’d need to work with the syllabus or material you need to communicate and work accordingly. If I was working on the basis of a semester I can see myself scaling out the material time wise and I also liked the way diagrams show how to plan things to, it might not covering everything but this plan seems a good starting point.



I’m glad I chose this activity due to it covering blended learning which is a growing part of what my employer wants to deliver to students. Staff needs as well as course structure and student needs are very prevalent.

This learning/teaching model I liked because it spoke of the difficulties that lie ahead in trying to develop courses for online or being online material for already existing courses, so that you have full-time courses combining an online element as well as distance learning students. With full-time students especially able to get an experience of online learning it is hoped that they can be equipped for future developments in learning.

I’m really interested in this model and the fact that they have a number of different templates the teacher can use as well as a great diagram that can help map things out. I’m going to look more into the LDShake website to as it sounds very useful.



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