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Minna's Healthy Eating design representations

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Minna Scheinin
1 April 2015

The 4SPPIces model

The readability of the model is good. The division into 4 parts is clear. The expressiveness is rather good, as in the model several elements of the learning process are given. However, I would like to find some linearity, what happens and when. This seems to me more of a repository for elements, not a learning design.

Utility: as the model is one type of collaborative learning design, I would like to see the ways for collaboration expressed more strongly (who does what and when and through which media in section “Space”). This part could be stressed with colours or a larger area in the graph compared to the 3 other ones. 


The 4Ts Approach

The first look at this model gives a simple framework for a design. As such it is very clear and readable, but the teacher then has to go into a more detailed planning as how to structure the course over a given time period. So the readability is good, but the expressiveness is very scanty. If you are not an experienced teacher, this graph does not give much help to what to do. The elements are useful, but how does this really help the teacher to plan a course?

Here, too, as the model is for collaborative onlin learning, I would like the collaboration to be somehow stressed and an important element of the design.

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