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Michael's 1788 design representations

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Michael Muranty
1 April 2015

What I like about the e-Design template is the sense of progression of involvement by teacher and student. For example the tutor instructs, guides, coaches and finally facilitates , while the student accesses, extends, adopts, integrates and becomes increasingly involved in tutor, student, peer interactions. The representation is readable and has a feel of universality about it that may lend itself to most learning situations. The design template looks easy to use and I can see how as the unit of study progresses the right hand columns will be completed and the left hand ones left blank. I can see it being used in my learning situation. The benefit would be that after the initial tutor instruct/guide phase there is scope for the student to extend their investigation with teacher facilitation. There is much possibility for student creativity.

The ISIS template appears to be somewhat less universal, more wordy and difficult to understand. The visual aspect of the ScenEdit dimension is useful and appealing. This visual aspect adds to the explicitness of the instruction. The important aspects of the design are communicated adequately. I believe the visual representation would be a benefit to my situation, especially the use of camera and laptop to record images, as opposed to images produced manually.

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