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Sarah D's Design Representations

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sarah dain
2 April 2015

I chose the 4T's Model and the e- Design Template, both because they first appeared most familiar to me, having used similar in my own context as a teacher.  I think that  I found them both more readible than the others on the list, when I scanned through. I could quickly identify key features that I have included in my own planning. 4T's Model, also took the edge, between the two, in the detail it included regarding how the original activity would be managed. But I liked the e-design template for its potential to compare delivery in different lessons and over time.I think this could be a good reflective tool, to log how much delivery is being given over to either student or teacher led learning activities, .

I feel that, both of the above, could be utilised in a formal learning environment, where clear goals had been set. However, my own learning design would not have fitted so neatly into either, as I had little information about the participants and very loose objectives, which I managed in a reactive and flexible way within the session.    

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