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Paul's review of represenations

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Paul Curran
2 April 2015

I had a look at the 4Ts and Web Collage models. The 4Ts was the simplest to understand I felt and Web Collage was a new model that sounded interesting.

I felt the 4Ts model was very readable and easy to understand. The diagram alone was understandable with very descriptions mostly unnecessary. The one exception was the meanin of the numbers in the team lane. I assume 20 there is a typo and should be 28. The strength of this model as a form of expression comes from the simplicity of the model when epressed as a diagram. This undoubtedly aids it's communicability between educationalists.

The Web Collage was more difficult to understand. The diagram definitely needed a key or legend to understand. Being familiar with the activity already helped me to understand some of the symbols but others left me confused. I was working backwards from an existing understanding of the activity and trying to decipher the explanatory aid. Obviously familiariry and experience would help ameliorate this problem but the usefullness of this method is dependent on other educationalists having similar levels of familiarity and experience of this method.

The 4Ts would be a good  way of expressing mine and other designs. I feel. The benefits would be the ease with which other tutors could deliver the workshop which has to be the top priority in any such system.

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