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Sophia's H800 15B healthy eating representations review

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Sophia Eco
2 April 2015

For the 4Ts representation: I found this representation easy to follow. It provides a clear explanation of how the session will run, it is easy to understand without specialist knowledge and can provide information at a glance.  I think that is can be a very useful tool, suitable for both experienced and less experienced teachers. As t is easy to understand by most people, it can be a very powerful tool for communication.

For the CADMOS representation, I'm afraid I found the description hard to understand and as a result the diagram seemed too limited and complicated. I found similarities between ta 4Ts and the CADMOS representation of the flow model, but not of the concept model. I cannot see how this type of model will be useful to a teacher when there are alternative representations that are simpler.

With relation to the activity I described in 1b, I believe that the 4Ts would be suitable for expressing my plan, as my activity is a fairly linear collaborative task. However, as it involves a small number of actions, it t might not take full advantage of all the features and it might look like an underpopulated representation.

The CADMOS representation on the other hand might be more difficult to use, as there are not enough electronic/ online elements that would corrspond to my plan.

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