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Victoria Hewitt
3 April 2015

4T Model:

I could use this model straight away in my work and my colleagues (other medical educators, academics and commissioners) would know exactly what it meant. That's because, in my opinion, it's clear visual representations make it accessible and (almost) self-explanatory. I preferred the "swim lanes" version, as this is something I have become familiar with in service improvement projects. The fact that these are often the subject of the teaching I deliver is perhaps more than mere coincidence! I note that the word "task" in 4T does not equate to "task" in design narratives - here it is more like "actions" in the design narrative model. I shall be careful not to confuse these terms.


Again, I saw the immediate application of this tool to my practice, particularly a large scale programme to update a group of complementary courses. I've been dreading this piece of work, but now I have a tool to help me. I would be less confident using it on a single, short course as I think it's too broad and doesn't, on its own, capture learner development over time. But to give a view of a course or curriculum, e-Design is appealing. I particularly liked the inclusion of best practice principles. A downside for me is the failure to specifically include technology (unlike 4T) which is important for e-learning courses such as the ones I lead.

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