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David Appel's review of representations

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David Appel
6 April 2015

The 4 T’s model  is very readable, providing a linearly structured overview on activities, roles, technologies and times which is intuitive and should be easy to apply for an experienced teacher. In fact, it very much resembles a conventional lesson script with the additional component of technology. In terms of expressiveness I also find it Therefore it might restrict the learning design to teacher centric options and miss out explorative activities. It seems to me that the ‘Healthy Eating’ example asks for a more learner centric approach and the 4T’s model might be too rigid in terms of timings and possible variance.

The e-Design Template is also quite  readable althogh the linear development of a lesson plan is not its main organising principle. Still this model could be applied in a straight forward manner to formalise existing or planned learning desings in terms of guided vs. self-organised learning. It is easy to identify which forms of learning are applied and at what stage and it becomes immediately apparent that in the example of ‘Healthy Eating’ opportunities for more open, self-guided learning are missing. Utility is rather restricted with regards to the use of technology as there is no dedicated section for this aspect and potential interdependency of individual activities do not become apparent.  

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