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Hani's design narrative : Designing a website by a digital immigrant who is 65 years old.

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Hani Law
6 April 2015


As a spare time hobby, I wish to host a Chinese culture website, to promote Chinese culture in the world by using publicly available technological application and tools.


As the Chinese economy is one of the largest growing in the world, and as yet there is little understanding of Chinese history and culture. Hoping that through the publication of articles on subjects like history, opera, tea, Buddhism, taiji, calligraphy, myths, etc., on my website, this could promote the development of Chinese culture appreciation. This project is supported by a group of amateur writers who are enthusiasts of Chinese culture. This activity is not for the purpose of profit making. I even have to finance the running of it. As it will be too costly for me to source a professional to design a website such as using Dreammaker software, I have decided to learn to do it myself. I am a digital migrant, and my greatest challenge is not having sufficient technical and computer code knowledge of designing a website.


My initial target is to achieve at least 50 hits per day, and the cost of maintaining the website is very minimal.



Researched and explored in knowing how to design or build a website by researching on the internet. Disappointedly I do not have enough knowledge in Javascript or CSS code graphic design knowledge to develop a web, and therefore it is quite impossible for me to design a website.

2. Without giving up, and after prolonged researching on the internet with perseverance, I discovered that there are many website building tools available online. By watching some Youtube videos, I have learned how to use Notepad and Wordpress to design a web.  Still feeling a bit incompetence in creating a web, I kept on searching for a user-friendly tool targeting for beginners.  At last I found Yahoo website hosting service.  I paid a small monthlyfee, and they provided a free software download, disk space, data transfer in their server. The software provides thousands of templates, and it has a step-by-step tutorial technique online. It also provides chat-on-line, email, or phone call for technical help.

3. I have to go through a process of practical exercises, like trial and error, and exploration before I am familiar with the editing and getting to know the features.


Pleased with the results. Able to design the webpages with the software and have acquired proficiency in using the tool.


It was the habit of perseverance, that I captured the learning of designing website. There are lots of tutorials on the market online and I had to stream down the scope of researching, otherwise I would have carried away to a more advanced level which I was not prepared for it yet.  Self-motivation is another actor that make the learning a success. The benefit of self learing is that I can learn at my own pace, and there are easy to follow tutorials online.


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