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Louise's representations (e-design & 4SPPIces Model

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Louise Worsley
7 April 2015






"Healthy Eating" in an e-Design Template


The table clearly shows the levels of learning that have not been exploited.  It does make you think about what could have been done differently.

I think there is a danger that the model might be used to simply identify learning bytes without fully linking back to the objective and the players involved in the learning.  It feels mechanistic to me.

Given these models are supposed to provide a common standard of representation I feel this model still is rather intuitive and (except for the levels) lacks sufficient structure. 

I am currently writing an e-learning course and I think most of my interventions fit into the first two columns – I wonder if this model is better for a blended learning approach than a strictly online approach.  In which case I think it would be useful.

"Healthy Eating" as a 4SPPIces Model 

The visual model is helpful and provides an organizer (similar to the e-design steps, but this time the organizer is more biased towards the learning method to be used.  E-design suggests a learning theory around moving up the three layers towards a ‘deeper’ learning experience

Within each of the four quadrants it is possible to define the four factors.  I suspect there might be a temptation to keep the description simple to you can get it in the visual!  The visual is really a summarizing tool.  That said I think this model provides more structure than e-design and could serve as the beginnings of a representational language.

The approach seems very practical.  My concern would be that it does not seem to raise that many insights about how we might change the Healthy eating scenario and improve it.  This is more obvious on the e-design template.



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